Alive and Kicking

Paul Regan

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Mariya Hoyin

Venus Patel

My proposed project deals with violence against the queer identity from religious and societal structures. My main goal with the artwork is to envision a queer reimagining of the world in which queerness is not suppressed, through a queer manifesto, and an “end of the world” state of mind. I plan to use symbolism and

Living Process (We Act)

  For Culture Night, Live art Ireland presents a night of open studios from our current artists in residence in Milford House. These selected performance artists responded to the ‘Compression and Oppression’ open call on the theme of gender violence and the Ukrainian war. Be prepared to be challenged and fascinated as you are invited

Ella De Burca

Ella De Burca has been doing a special commision and residency to commemorate the roles of women during the civil war in Tipperary. The residency takes place in one week blocks between August and November 2022 presenting the final outcomes at our Alive & Kicking event on December 9th. Work in progress in the form

Eduardo Amato

I am interested in minimal / cyclic-objectual / open source / site responsive performance, tensioning fixed points and gaps for experimentation.Establishing a vocabulary of domestic technologies as I install / (re)use / uninstall them with non-hermeneutic actions that I’ll give shape as they appear in performance.With sharp focus, I let them take over time and

Caelan Bristow

Caelan has been involved in art and architecture for three decades. Educated at theAmerican University in Paris, the Architectural Association London and the SouthernCalifornia Institute of Architecture Los Angeles, she’s worked in a range of disciplines forarchitects Frank Gehry, Nasrine Seraji and Don Bates as well as American artists BillViola, Jeff Koons, Mary Miss and

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