Alive and Kicking

Paul Regan

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Mariya Hoyin

Alive & Kicking Call Out

7pm 9th of December At Live Art Ireland at Milford House Tipperary and available online Alive and Kicking is our annual curated Members Event where current and new members are invited via call out out to present work along side some performances and films that are curated from our residencies during the the year. We

Niamh Seana Meehan

Niamh Seana Meehan is a visual artist based in Northern Ireland. Working in-between visualart, performance, and written matter. As a route into the practice/research concernsperformative activities function as sites where the body gets lost, misunderstood, exhausted,and anxious. The accumulation and overlapping of ideas have provoked a methodologicalapproach to slowing down and lingering with moments of

Adriana Tabalipa

Adriana Tabalipa 1972 – Born in Curitiba and living in Rio de Janeiro, she currently lives and works between these two cities. Visual artist, performer, recorder, painter, draftsman and free thinker. She began her career in the late 1980s. She participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, both national and international. She has won several

Paola Catizone

Bio:   Read moreDay MageePaola Catizone is a visual artist (NCAD Ba 2012 and MFA 2014) working primarily with  with performance, as well as installation, drawing and relational processes. She has held solo and group exhibitions and performed in many venues in Ireland and abroad. Read moreEleonora GomesShe is the initiator and founder of The

Fergus Byrne

Fergus Byrne – Artist’s Statement 2022I am a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, sculpture, drawing and writing. I am based inDublin, Ireland. Performances integrate movement with objects. Through being activated theseobjects create an energised, almost motorised state of the self upon which other more subtle actionsand sometimes spoken text is layered. The work recognises and

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