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Operation Edna at Bealtaine

Link to Zoom on 23rd of May at 7pm

FBI+ A in Association with Live-Art Ireland 

Please Click on this link to sign up for the eventbrite Zoom on the 23 of May at 7pm

‘ What’s old, really old? Imagine Edna, Methuselah’s mum outliving her son.  Landscape does that, what about artefacts? How can 4 artists from Tipperary and 4 older artists from across southern UK tell each other stories about objects, places, and living a long life? How can the landscape give us shelter in this time of 5 km walks?’

This project is at the invitation of The Tipperary Arts Office for Bealtaine 2021

LOCAL Tipperary based

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Theresia Guschlbauer Social choreographerTheresia is a collaborative artist and curator with a textile practice based in county Tipperary, Ireland. Her work includes curating Clonmel Applefest and producing multi-disciplinary collaborations on environmental and social themes. Ritual and ecology infuse most of her work. www.2candoarts.ie 

Caelan Bristow Architect and Artist Concurrent with design and project management, Caelan has created and facilitated social art works and curated exhibitions and festivals in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland since 2004.

MJ Newell(Mark) Performance ,writing and scenography https://www.live-art.ie/people/, https://snewell.wixsite.com/asbestostourism

Nicholas Ward Sound Artist – Nicholas’ work explores the use of electronics, sensor systems, lighting and sound design in the creation of generative works. He has created interactive sound sculptures where a complex meshing of electronic and mechanical technologies is used to develop sonic textures and light over a range of time scales. https://limerick.academia.edu/nicholasward 

Deej Fabyc will be weaving film and live art together to develop new live online iterations on this overarching theme https://www.fabyc.co.uk/index.php/info/

UK based

O Pen Be will be incorporating body and movement-based stimuli grounded in decades of somatic work used in both therapeutic and live art performative contexts , face to face and within published video compositions. https://www.instagram.com/o.pen.be/ https://fbi.works/index.php/bio/

Danielle Imara will be focusing on sound-art and music. Their sound compositions have been used at Somerset House, for live art works presented at festivals and theatre venues, and independent film and video scores, often incorporating found sounds into popular music formats and abstract soundscapes. http://www.danielleimara.com/

Sarah Andrew will be developing narratives, score and story telling https://fbi.works/index.php/bio/